AGPO Program for Kenyan Youths

Access to Government Procurement Opportunities

The Call for registration is on for this AGPO Program for Kenyan Youths 


‘Youth’ as defined by the Kenyan Government, refers to young people between the ages of 18 years and 35 years. A youth-owned enterprise refers to a legally registered business in the form of a sole-proprietorship, partnership or limited company. For both the partnership and the limited company, the ownership in form of capital invested or shares owned should be at-least 70% for the youth.

AGPO Program for Kenyan Youths

About AGPO

AGPOA procuring entity shall allocate at least thirty percent of its procurement spend for the purposes procuring goods, works and services from micro and small enterprises owned by youth, women and persons with disabilities.

AGPOFor the purpose of implementing paragraph (I), a procuring entity shall implement the requirement through its budgets, procurement plans, tender notices, contract awards and submit quarterly reports to the Authority.


For the purpose of benefiting from preference and reservations schemes,an enterprise owned by youth, women or persons with disabilities shall be a legal entity that:

  1. Is registered with the relevant government body;
  2. and has at least seventy percent membership of youth, women or persons with disabilities and the leadership shall be one hundred percent youth,women and persons with disabilities, respectively

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Pursuant to section 156 of the Act, a person shall be qualified to benefit from preference and reservation scheme, if the person meets the requirements of section 55 of the Act.
  2. A person shall not be qualified to benefit from a preference and reservation scheme-
    1. as a contracting firm, unless that person is qualified as a local contractor or a citizen contractor; or
    2. as a micro enterprise or an enterprise owned by a disadvantaged group unless the person is registered by the National Treasury as such upon application.
  3. All small, micro and medium enterprise groups or disadvantaged groups that have been registered by the National Treasury shall automatically be included in the list of registered suppliers of a procuring entity upon submission of the National Treasury Registration certificate

Regions where exclusive preference shall apply

  1. The regions preference and reservations schemes applied shall be:
    1. Counties
    2. Sub-counties
    3. Constituencies; and
    4. Wards.
  2. Local preference and reservations shall be applicable in the counties, sub-counties, constituencies and wards, where citizen contractors are based and operate.
  3. Citizen contractors who are based and operate in the regions specified in sub-regulation (1) above, shall be given exclusive preference when participating in procurements using funds from the county government or any devolved Fund except where it is established that local capacity is not available.


KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITYNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION AUTHORITYNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIESSTATE LAW OFFICEIntegrated Financial Management Information SystemPPOAecitizenYEDFAGPO Program for Kenyan Youths The aim of the AGPO Program is to facilitate the youth, women and persons with disabilities owned enterprises to be able to participate in government procurement.

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