SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) 

Sassa announced the reconsideration option late last year after many social media users flooded its pages to complain that their applications were cancelled without explanation.

Payment announcement

The South African Post Office has announced the payment dates for R350 grant recipients to pick up their grant at their local Post Office.

Reconsideration Notice

This is to avoid complications with applications that could result in recipients not being paid.

 Beneficiaries can collect their payments at post offices by using the ID number system which determines payment dates according to the last three digits of beneficiaries’ identity numbers.

#1 “Clients who get married or change their surname at the department of home affairs are urged to update Sassa of the change.

#2 “Sassa validates the client’s information with the department of home affairs monthly. If details do not match, the application for the period may be declined,” said Sassa

The dates below are applicable to the Sapo payout system. Beneficiaries can obtain their grants as soon as they receive confirmation of payment from Sassa. 

Payments Dates

Here is when you can collect your R350 grant:

February 1: 081 and 086

February 9: 082 and 087

February 10 : 083 and 088

February11 : 084 and 089

February 14: 080 and 085

February 15: 081 and 086

February 16: 082 and 087

February 17: 083 and 088

February 18: 084 and 089

February 21 : 080 and 085

February 22: 081 and 086 

February 23: 082 and 087 

February 24: 083 and 088

February 25: 084 and 089

February 28: 080 and 085

SASSA News Summary

The agency urged those who have married or changed their surnames since applying for the grant to inform Sassa.