Apply for the Post of an IT Trainee @Zubi Group

Apply for the Post of an IT Trainee @Zubi Group – Description

We are looking for a person with the ability and desire to learn, who wants to do an internship in our technology department.

Our purpose

Zubi Group is a business group whose objective is to create and invest in companies with a triple impact: social, environmental and economic. We do this through 5 business areas:

  • Entrepreneurship : Zubi Labs . Impact Venture Builder / Startup Studio. We create startups as an instrument to generate social, environmental and economic value. We identify social and environmental challenges and look for entrepreneurial people with whom we can join forces to launch companies with a triple impact: social, environmental and economic. We promote their success by providing opportunities, resources and investment.
  • Investment : Zubi Capital . Asset & Wealth Management. It is the financial-investor arm of the group, through which we create innovative advisory and impact investment solutions. We manage regulated investment vehicles and assets that combine market returns with social and environmental impact.
  • Education : Imagine Montessori School . We want to transform education for the advancement of society, where each person contributes their unique talents to collective progress.
  • Sustainable urban development : Zubi Cities . Innovation & Real Estate. We want to change the way cities are built and inhabited, providing innovative and sustainable solutions in urban development.
  • Consulting : Hands-on Impact . Impact consulting firm. We offer strategy, management and impact measurement services. We help companies and organizations to walk their own path towards sustainability and positive impact.

We have a single purpose : “to provide solutions to social and environmental challenges using business and investment as key tools to build a better and more sustainable future.” And to achieve it, we need people as talented and dreamy as you.

your mission

We are looking for a person with the ability and desire to learn, who wants to do an internship in our technology department.

You will be able to give support to the area of ​​systems and infrastructures, development and new technologies, computer support… it will depend on you. Depending on your knowledge and motivation, you will be able to participate in tasks such as :

  • Configuration, support and administration of Equipment (Windows and Linux)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Assembly of networks in the cloud (VPN).
  • Management of web servers (AWS, google cloud, azure).
  • Development of middleware applications for the integration of existing elements
  • Conception, design and development of interfaces and integration architectures.
  • Manage data analysis and integration of diverse systems.
  • Documentation of technical requirements.
  • Implementations, environment developments with scripts, databases, monitoring systems, QA (quality assurance)… you set the limit 🙂

The technology department, we form a small and multidisciplinary team of people passionate about technology motivated by understanding the specific needs of each company in the group (both subsidiaries and investees) and offer them the best solution in each of its phases. From ideation, initial development or infrastructure, to support so that they end up setting up their own internal technical team.

We know that it is important for you to know what technologies you would use if you join the team, and although we are constantly looking for new solutions that adapt to the constant growth of the group, these are some with which we work:

  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux.
  • Databases: Mysql, SQL server, bigQuery, postgreSQL.
  • Programming language: C#, Python, ReactJS, Jquery, PHP.
  • Docker.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS.
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Cloud computing: AWS, google cloud, azure.
  • Development technology: API RES.

We are constantly innovating. We work with many facets, we are multidisciplinary and we constantly seek to learn and evolve together with technology.

Go ahead and send us your CV (even if you do not meet all the points) if:

  • You are a final year student or you have just finished your university degree or Higher Vocational Training studies in areas such as system administration, web/apis/software development, data, cybersecurity, programming…
  • You are self-taught and proactive. You have initiative and seek solutions. We do not need specialists in all technologies, but we do need a desire to learn and motivation to work in a constantly growing company that adapts to emerging needs. You are attracted to roles “with decisive capacity”.
  • You are a team player with initiative and a practical mentality.
  • You like the world of ideas, but you also roll up your sleeves in detail to make things happen, under short deadlines and few resources. Challenges make you grow!
  • You are a person convinced of sustainability and with your work you want to generate the greatest possible impact.

Do you want to know why it is worth working at Zubi Group?

  • Paid internship agreement (€400 part-time, €800 full-time) with a duration of 6 months.
  • Flexibility to organize your time and workplace. The offices are in Madrid and Valencia, but you will have flexible hours and the possibility of working remotely several days a week.
  • Work side by side with a great team of professionals with an entrepreneurial soul and national recognition.
  • Being able to dedicate your energy and talent in an innovative environment focused on generating positive social and environmental impact, which helps us on the important path of sustainability.
  • An environment of good vibes, teamwork, flexibility, action, dynamism and learning where people are ahead of numbers.

If you have always wanted to work in an organization with a positive impact and where, in addition, we genuinely care about people, this is your place. You will be able to dedicate your talent and energy to creating innovative solutions that help us on the urgent path of sustainability and we will take care that you have everything important to achieve it 🙂

At Zubi Group, we guarantee compliance with current legislation on equality, objectivity and non-discrimination, basing all our selection processes on the qualifications and skills of the candidates.

Apply for the Post of an IT Trainee @Zubi Group

IT Trainee @Zubi Group