Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program (ADNSP) 2022 Application

The Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program (ADNSP) 2022 Application is now available to qualified individuals to join in growing their self and the world ūüĆé


The purpose of this program is to ensure an adequate supply of appropriately trained professional nurses.  Encourage persons from populations who are currently under-represented in the nursing profession to practice this profession.  Encourage professional nurses to work in areas that are under-medically served.

Brief overview of HCAI on the subject = The Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program (ADNSP)

— HCAI works to increase and diversify California’s healthcare workforce through the Healthcare Workforce Development Division (HWDD).

— The Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program (ADNSP) increases the number of appropriately trained nurses providing direct patient care in a qualified facility in California.

— Those awarded the Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship may receive up to $8,000 for one year of school.

— If awarded, recipients agree to twelve (12) month service obligation practicing full-time, direct patient care at a qualified facility in California.¬†


Persons participating in this program shall be persons who agree in writing prior to graduation to serve in an eligible county health facility, an eligible state-operated health facility, a health workforce shortage area, or a California nursing school, as designated by the director of the office. Persons agreeing to serve in eligible county health facilities, eligible state-operated health facilities, or health workforce shortage areas, and master’s or doctoral students agreeing to serve in a California nursing school may apply for scholarship or loan repayment.¬†

Eligible Applicants:

Individual: Be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units, or its equivalent until program completion.  Have a GPA of 2.0 or greater.  Graduate after June 30, 2022.  Be free from any other service obligation.  Be willing to work in a Medically Underserved Area for twelve (12) months.


* Start training program by October 1, 2022

* Be enrolled in a minimum of six units, or its equivalent, until program completion

* Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater, until program completion

* Graduate after June 30, 2022

* Not have any other existing service obligations with other entities, including other HCAI programs

* Not be in breach of any other HCAI service obligation

* Commit to providing a 12-month service obligation in a medically underserved area upon graduating

* Provide 32 hours or more per week of direct patient care upon graduating.

Eligible Geographies:

Medically Underserved Area (MUA), Medically Underserved Population (MUP), Health Professional Shortage Area- Primary Care (HPSA-PC), Primary Care Shortage Area (PCSA), or Registered Nurse Shortage Area (RNSA).  In addition to the Federal and CA state designations, any State, County, Veteran, or Correctional Facility qualifies as well as Native Indian Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Eligible Educational Programs:

ADNSP applicants must be currently accepted or enrolled in an associate’s degree nursing program.


Yearly Funding: The individual will receive up to $8,000 for one year of school.

Total estimated available funding: The total projected dollar amount of the grant. is $40,000

Important Dates

Application deadline: 22nd February 2022

(The date: 22nd February 2022 (and time: 17:00, where applicable) by which all applications must be submitted to the grantor.)

Expected award announcement: The date on which the grantor expects to announce the recipient(s) of the grant. April 2022

Period: Length of time during which the grant money must be utilized. 1Year

Grantor: Department of Health Care Access and Information

Portal ID: 8357

Opportunity Type: Grant

Program Title: – Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship Program (ADNSP)

How to Apply

State agencies/departments recommend you read the full grant guidelines before applying.

Grant guidelines


For questions about this grant, contact:¬†Michael Andrijich, 1-916-326-3656,¬†[email protected]

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