Call for Accreditation Program Evaluators

What are the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) program evaluator qualifications?

The IEEE Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities (CEAA) is committed to recruiting a diverse pool of PEV candidates with a balance of industry, government, and academic experience.

Applicants must demonstrate on their applications that they satisfy all of the required qualifications for education, experience, and skills. If there are more applicants than available positions, those applicants best meeting the desired qualifications will be given preference.

Required qualifications

  • Active membership in IEEE at the grade of Senior member or above. 
  • An earned engineering degree at or above the bachelor’s level in electrical engineering, computer engineering, communications engineering, or a closely related discipline is required.  
  • A master’s degree or significant recognized professional experience equivalent to a master’s degree is also required.
  • If from industry or government, have substantial working experience with EAC of ABET accredited engineering programs such as through hiring or supervising graduates, serving on advisory boards, or teaching. 
  • If from academia, have substantial involvement with an EAC of ABET accredited engineering program and have substantial interaction with government or industry engineering organizations such as through consulting, serving on product or design review teams, serving on corporate or government advisory boards, or collaboration in joint academic, industry, and government research teams.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills including accurate but diplomatic reporting of negative results to an audience of multiple constituencies.
  • Have proficiency in use of office and mobile productivity tools including virtual meeting applications, text messaging/email, internet browsers, and online document processing. 
  • Show commitment to creating an inclusive culture that succeeds in increasing participation by and contributions from those among groups that are historically underrepresented in engineering.
  • Have significant documented experience working in multidisciplinary teams with members having diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and objectives. This includes a demonstrated ability to respect the views and values of others, adapt to the needs of the team, work toward collective goals and team consensus, and exhibit professional behavior in every circumstance.
  • Have a stated willingness and ability to accept a five-year appointment as an evaluator, serve on at least one campus visit each year, and conduct visits and all associated activities in accordance with the requirements established by the ABET Commissions and governed through the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) and the Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities (CEAA).

Desired qualifications

  • Ten or more years of professional experience in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and/or a closely related field
  • Experience with engineering practice in both industry/government and academia
  • Personal characteristics consistent with the ABET PEV Competence Model including: written and oral communications skills; listening skills; interpersonal skills; ability to work in a team environment

Note: If you have previous experience as a PEV and/or Team Chair for an ABET commission other than EAC, exemplary performance is expected in those roles.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Society Membership – ABET program evaluators (PEVs) are selected by our member societies. Current membership in one of those societies is required before you submit your application.
  • Qualifying Education – We expect that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree in your field of specialty. Graduate degrees are a plus, but are not required for most disciplines.
  • Time Commitment – About 5-7 days of your time: 3 hours of online visit preparation, 2-4 days reviewing program materials, 3 days for the on-site visit and 1-2 days of travel.
  • Meet the Competency Model – Our Program Evaluator Competency Model outlines the knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of an ABET Expert. Familiarize yourself with the model and ensure you have the credentials to become a program evaluator.

If you feel that you meet the above qualifications and would like to apply to be a PEV for IEEE, refer to the ABET website.

Call for accreditation program evaluators

Program evaluator applicants must meet the requirements on the ABET Program Evaluator Competency Model, as well as the IEEE qualifications below.