Careers at HEINEKEN – 2023 Trainee Packaging Shift Manager

Purpose of the job – Trainee Packaging Shift Manager

To manage the packaging line operations, in line with the business goals and objectives, in order to maintain a high efficiency, low cost, good quality and acceptable safety standard operation. To implement company’s manufacturing processes, systems and procedures


  • Ensure all safety PPE audits, safety alerts, Tool box talks are done on time and in full according to safety Heineken Safety standards.
  • Act as a role model for safety behavior and lead by example
  • Address unsafe behavior and situation and act immediately in case of unsafe behavior and conditions and explain the reason to the people involved
  • Ensure awareness to raising safety tags on shift and there is output in terms of tags raised and tags closed on shift
  • Ensure visibility of tags raised in your the team, closure rate and feedback to the respective team members
  • Liaise with safety department to timeously close out all investigations and gaps identified through incidents, accidents and near misses on your shift
  • Ensure adherence to stipulate 5s and housekeeping standards by doing daily Audits on Machines
  • Ensure that a reliable safety reporting for DCS and safety pyramid
  • Carry out risk assessment and safety audit in your line(s)

Packaging Quality Management & Control :

  • Ensure product quality in packaging
  • Make sure that ISO/HACCP/Legal/Heineken Procedures and requirements are followed
  • Monitor and communicate the packaging quality parameters within his/her team on daily basis in DCS
  • Restore basic conditions where there are deviations
  • Ensure all specified quality standards are adhered to on shift and adequate audits happen to ensure adherence
  • Ensure all tools needed for quality control on shift are available through liaising with all available support
  • Take prompt necessary corrective actions for OOC’s and liaise with all stakeholders to fix any rework on shift and ensure loop closures
  • Identify key areas of improvement in quality related to reduce rework
  • Carry out daily CILT audits on machines to ensure adherence to standards
  • Explain the impact of quality issues on business performance ( i.e. Cost, customer service) to the team on regular basis

Cost Management:

  • Execute basic deployment of department an line cost according to TPM principle
  • Use correct financial language when communicating decisions
  • Identify and manage areas of loss on the line through process area monitoring on shift and report and action OO’c
  • Form focus groups for all high loss areas identified on shift and plans to get back into control 
  • Ensure all counts are done after every brand change and raw materials are returned after each and every brand change
  • Ensure adequate explanation to all losses on shift through use of process area monitoring
  • Ensure all consumptions are done on time and in full daily
  • Manage overtime closely by measure cost per hectoliter
  • Identify focused improvement projects for team members in specific areas
  • Measure losses per process area hourly and have action plans for OO’C

Management of Packaging process and Execution:

  • Clearly communicate daily activities to the staff and correct when necessary
  • Monitor, manage and control daily packaging activities to make output requirements
  • Organise and mobilise resources to overcome problems in day to day operations in order to deliver the agreed process output
  • Translate process deviations into corrective and preventative actions and communicate in a timely way to the team
  • Execute TPM improvement activities
  • Plan resources (people, materials, machines) adequately against production plan to ensure desired output by:
    • Shift cover is adequate according to standards, raw materials are ordered to the right standard
    • All people on training, leave or extended planned leave have planned cover for that period

Change over planning:

  • Change over plan is completed and communicated with team before changeover
  • Pre and post checklist are completed as per standards and all faults rectified before changeover
  • Changeover times are adhered to at every machine as per stipulated Heineken standards
  • Progress for every machine tracked with start up with consideration to filler start up
  • Changeover reports completed and handed over
  • Action plans updated and actions completed fully on time
  • SMED list are consistently used for every machine during changeover
  • Necessary changes to SMED are communicated to the relevant people to update shared documents
  • Changeover times are recorded accurately as per standard on MES

Maintenance Management:

  • Ensure effective use of CILT time
  • Regularly checks and coaches team on completion of CILT
  • Identify CILT anomalies and take remedial actions
  • Encourage tagging and de-tagging activities
  • Participate in AM audits
  • Ensure all down time activities is properly recorded
  • Ensure 5 WHY is completed on shift for all DT within stipulated standards
  • Ensure prompt adherence of team members to standard escalation procedures
  • Operational resources are planned adequately to maintenance activities
  • Team leader identifies work to be planned for maintenance on shift and request work from IC
  • Monitor and report machine daily and weekly performance and availability with improvement plans
  • Manage Planned Maintenance activities, especially shutdowns and star-ups in conjunction with central MTCE team and IC Support Exceptional Maintenance Activities
  • Identify opportunities on the shift and the line to drive KPI improvement
  • Ensure effective communication between production and Maintenance department

People Management:

  • Spend 80% of time on the floor and 20% on administrative tasks
  • Hold daily consistent handover meetings with team Members
  • Ensure continuous handover across shifts and within the team members
  • Coach direct reports on gaps identified
  • Manage attendance and manpower requirements
  • Motivate shift teams to achieve production targets through focused meeting agendas
  • Identify opportunities on the shift and the line to drive KPI improvement
  • Apply Performance Management Practices consistently with direct reports
  • Manage and apply industrial relations, including disciplinary practices
  • Implement training and development initiatives for employees


  • Relevant National Diploma/ Degree in Engineering field
  • Knowledge of SAP is added advantage


  • 5 – 8 years relevant experience in packaging environment
  • Should have managed a team before
  • At least two years at supervisory level
  • FMCG experience is a must Packaging experience preferably bottling, canning of beverages