DESE | FY24 & FY25 funds | FY2024: OpenSciEd Elementary Field Test

FY2024: OpenSciEd Elementary Field Test

DESE seeks to support districts who are committed to and cognizant of the work involved with adopting a new curriculum that is still in pilot form, and who are eager to take on an active role in making the OpenSciEd elementary materials as strong as possible when they are released publicly. To this end, DESE will prioritize districts whose proposal illustrates that they:

  • Have a science instructional vision that supports high quality science teaching and learning.
  • Have a schedule that allows for the necessary amount of science instructional time to implement the units as designed each year.
  • Can ensure systems and structures for attending professional learning and professional collaboration opportunities among pilot teachers, and between pilot teachers and support staff (e.g. inclusion teachers and ELL specialists).
  • Will have all pilot teachers (as well as any interested leaders) participate in ALL professional learning in the field test.
  • Will fully implement units in all grade levels participating and provide feedback to curriculum developers.

Competitive priority in the scoring process will be given to:

  • districts that have adopted OpenSciEd in middle school (grades 6–8)
  • proposals that include at least two teachers per grade level per grade span
  • proposals in which at least one school applying to the pilot is identified as requiring assistance according to the state accountability system

OpenSciEd is a complete set of robust, research-based, open-source, K–12 science instructional materials that are aligned and designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Over the last several years, Massachusetts has field tested the middle and high school materials and is now seeking schools/districts to participate in the elementary (K–5) field test to pilot and provide feedback on the materials.

This competitive grant is intended to provide funding support for schools/districts that will pilot the OpenSciEd Elementary science curriculum in school year’s 2023-24 and 2024-25 as part of the Massachusetts Field Test. Eligible districts may apply.


All Massachusetts Local Education Agencies (districts, charter schools, and Collaboratives) are eligible to apply.

Curriculum Data must be up to date on DESE District Profiles for K–8 ELA/Literacy, K–12 math, and 6–8 Science by the time of the grant due date, Friday, April 21, 2023. To check if this information is complete, check the statewide Curriculum report or visit your District Profiles page via Profiles Home, and select Curriculum Data from the left-hand navigation. If the required data is not complete or up-to-date, details and directions on how to enter or update this data can be found at Curriculum Data Collection webpage.

DESE | FY24 & FY25 funds | FY2024: OpenSciEd Elementary Field Test