European Manufacturing Trainee 2022 Open Call for Application

European Manufacturing Trainee Program 2022

At Sappi, we are constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities to develop our business.

Sappi offers you a challenging job in our international company combined with attractive pay. Sappi provides a wide range of opportunities for highly motivated and engaged individuals. Our goal is to give our employees a chance to develop their talents and develop their full potential. In short.. Development will be on top of your agenda!

European Manufacturing Trainee Program 2022

The 2-year European Manufacturing Trainee Program has the purpose to grow our own manufacturing talents.

It consists of two or more multidisciplinary assignments which will be fixed in two different paper production locations in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, Scotland or the Netherlands). During each assignment you will be an integral part of a team/department and involved in exciting projects.

In this program, you will participate with other trainees in a number of workshops. These workshops aim to improve your personal and interpersonal skills and give you some basic ideas about how to lead people. You will also be introduced to all sectors of the company and learn about our top executives. They will provide you with case studies for expanding your Sappi business knowledge. Visits to our factories, sales offices, customers and suppliers are also a significant part of our training program.

To support you, coaching will be provided on an organizational level as well as on an individual development level.

European Manufacturing Trainee Program 2022 Open Call for Application: Educational Eligibility criteria

As a candidate European Manufacturing Trainee, you have at least a Master’s degree in Engineering (Paper, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical).

Preferably you already have a first international experience or you have studied in multiple countries.

  • You have a maximum 2-years’ working experience
  • You are fluent in English (written as well as oral) and speak at least one other European language, preferably:
    • German,
    • otherwise Finnish,
    • Dutch or
    • Italian.
  • You have strong relationship skills and a knack for leadership.
  • You have motivation and a practical personality.
  • You have a high capacity for rapid adjustment and are looking for new challenges. 
  • You are flexible, mobile and ready to travel and work abroad (Europe) 
  • You are interested in a multicultural environment.

European Manufacturing Trainee Program 2022 Open Call for Application

How to Apply:

If you are interested, please apply via the career portal or email your CV and cover letter to. [email protected],

Submission Deadline for this entry:

Submissions are welcome through the year.


Position: European Manufacturing Trainee

Requisition ID 40888

Functions – Management/Manufactoring Trainees – Europe

Location: Any Sappi European Mill

  • Europe:
    • Austria,
    • Belgium,
    • Germany,
    • Finland,
    • Italy,
    • Scotland or
    • The Netherlands

European Mill locations:

European Manufacturing Trainee 2022 Open Call for Application