Jobs at Dolby: AI Deep Learning Internship (Sum 23) Barcelona, Spain

Dolby Hiring Entity: Avenida Diagonal, 177, Planta 10 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Hiring ID: 39256

Job Description

Join the leader in entertainment innovation and help us design the future. At Dolby, science meets art, and high tech means more than computer code. As a member of the Dolby team, you’ll see and hear the results of your work everywhere, from smartphones to movie theaters. We continue to revolutionize how people create, deliver, and enjoy entertainment worldwide. To do that, we need the absolute best talent. We’re big enough to give you all the resources you need, and small enough so you can make a real difference and earn recognition for your work. We offer a collegial culture, challenging projects, and excellent compensation and benefits.

An internship at Dolby offers impactful, project-based work experience in a collaborative, creative environment where you work side by side with industry and scientific leaders. Amplify your insatiable curiosity by implementing real-world solutions that revolutionize how people communicate and how entertainment is created, delivered, and enjoyed worldwide. For anyone seeking to gain invaluable expertise through meaningful, personal contributions, join us to design a future where technology meets entertainment!


Hiring ID: 39256

Dolby Hiring Entity: Avenida Diagonal, 177, Planta 10 08018 Barcelona, Spain

The Dolby Applied AI team is currently looking for a talented, self-motivated intern to push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art in audio and media technologies. As a candidate, we want you to have a clear understanding of deep learning architectures and techniques, so RNNs, Transformers, log-likelihoods or weight decay are trivial concepts for you already, and you usually play around with more complex ideas and developments around generative models (e.g., diffusion models, VAEs, GANs), source separation (e.g., ConvTasNet, UNets, PIT), self-supervised learning (e.g., PASE+, wav2vec, VICReg), or others.

Main responsibilities:

  • Get good knowledge about relevant literature.
  • Assist with collection and processing of data sets.
  • Reproducing and extending existing research.
  • Invent and design new algorithms. Run experiments.
  • Propose and demonstrate prototypes of new research ideas.
  • Implement evaluation pipelines. Perform evaluations and compare with the state-of-the-art.
  • Communicate research progress and document code and results. Write technical research papers.

Required skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of machine/deep learning. Some knowledge in audio or video signal processing is a plus.
  • Pytorch or Tensorflow. Good Python programming skills. Some experience with command-line Linux.
  • Specific knowledge in at least one of these areas: Generative models, source separation, self-/semi-/un-supervised learning, neural network pruning/compression/distillation, style transfer. Other specific machine/deep learning areas will also be considered.
  • Publication in a major machine learning, audio, or image conference (e.g., NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, ICASSP, INTERSPEECH, CVPR, ICCV).


  • Working towards an MSc or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related field. We will prioritize candidates based on experience level.