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In todays kazi mtaani latest news today– According to Charles Hinga Mwaura Typically, gava pays 30 days after providing services. We had a special dispensation for Kazi Mtaani due to the fact that this was addressing serious vulnerabilities. But if you recall, even last year we had a similar challenge during the same period of the fiscal year.

I hope that we will pay this week, there are good signs. As soon as we receive the money, we will disburse immediately. Then Cohort 1 will resume next week Tuesday with those who worked for 5 days and others left bcoz they didn’t get sms

Those MPs & politicians from the ease of their car rooftops that told you they increased Kazi Mtaani pay from Sh455 to Sh 1000 are extremely irresponsible & are playing politics with you. Parliamentary transactions are captured in Hansard, ask them for proof of this increase.

What they have done is cut what the President promised to young people on Mashujaa Day last year from 10 billion to 2.5 billion. Most of you don’t think politics matter, only if someone is willing to play politics with your livelihood, then 9/8/22 you have the power to hire or fire them.

To all youth in Kazi Mtaani Cohort 1, apologies for the delays, we are processing your payment. Unfortunately, we got caught up in year-end administrative challenges, but every effort is made to pay you. It may be delayed somewhat, but as always we will make your payment.

QUESTION: Tell us when we will receive our peanuts, we took the job and worked hard knowing that at the end of the day we will pay rent and buy food. Sasa hizi ni gani CS, mbona mwatutesa hivo

ANSWER : As soon as the money comes in. Unfortunately, these challenges are expected to occur at the end of the fiscal year, and that’s why we didn’t tell you how long it will take to pay you. However, you will be paid as soon as the money comes in.

QUESTION: sir @PSCharleosHinga what happened to those previously who were in kazi mtaani in the 1st and 2nd phase and are nowhere in the 3rd phase ,how was the selection done?

ANSWER:  All those that registered from phase 1 & 2 were taken for through vetting and if still unemployed and vulnerable they were automatically taken. So chances are you didn’t apply.

QUESTION: Hon hinga please what happened to nyamira county manga sub county for only Kemera word and manga word tulifanya kazi for 7days tukasimamishwa hadi waleo no work to be done, what’s the problem we are in darkness

ANSWER: Nyamira and a few other counties are being addressed

QUESTION: Am based within obunga and we as the first cohorts had worked tirelessly for 5 days which amount to almost 2050,is there any hope that we will be paid for our work yet election is nearing we are almost 28 days to go, thanks mheshimiwa waiting to hear back your response.

ANSWER: You’ll paid and you’ll be back to work next week Tuesday

Overall Performance

Kazi Mtaani is a national initiative launched in April 2020 to protect the most vulnerable but able-bodied individuals living in informal settings from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program targets persons aged 18 to 35. Cohort 1,2,3 Kazi Mtaani youths