Nigerian Sack Military Heads for Brighter Furture

President Tinubu ordered a compulsory retirement for Mr Alkali on Monday, alongside the heads of the Nigerian military. Mr Alkali was replaced by Kayode Egbetokun, a deputy inspector general of police.

Mr Alkali spoke about his removal Tuesday after handing over to Mr Egbetokun.

“It’s a stage, you come, you work, and you go. I’m happy I am handing over to somebody I know that will carry the mantle of leadership from where I have stopped,” he said.

When asked how much he knows about his successor, Mr Alkali said: “We grew up in the job, we grew up together, I was his boss at a time or even when I was IG. He worked under me twice, we’ve been working together and I know how he can go ahead to champion the course of the police from where I stopped.”

Nigerian Sack Military Heads for Brighter Furture

The newly appointed Acting IGP Kayode Egbetokun is due for retirement in 2025, although President Bola Tinubu may decide to extend his stay so he could serve out the four years tenure of the IGP.