November 19, 2022 – Women Entrepreneurs Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is organized by the WEDO (Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization)

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated every year on November 19 to acknowledge, support and celebrate the contribution of women entrepreneurs and business leaders towards economic growth and the improvement of society.

Created by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, the day is celebrated in over 144 countries worldwide.

Since then, New York City and Los Angeles have declared it an official day, the U.S. House of Representatives has recognized it, and the United Nations celebrated it.


History shows that 144 nations recognized the first Women Entrepreneurship Day in 2014, which also included the presentation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022 Campaign:

To join the Campaign online You can follow women’s feeds, share their voices, and share their music, comedy, art, and technology on social media using the hashtag #Choosewomen