SANSA Solar Physics Bursary 2022: Apply for post graduate degree programs with SANSA

About us: SANSA

The Space Science Directorate of SANSA is host to the only Space Weather Centre in Africa, providing early warnings and forecasts on space weather activity, acting as an important role in protecting satellite technology, communication and navigation systems.

The operations of SANSA fall under four program areas:

  • Earth Observation,
  • Space Engineering,
  • Space Operations and
  • Space Science.

SANSA is determined to maintain a culture of honesty and opposition to theft, fraud and corruption and any form of unethical practices including sexual harassment and racial discrimination.


South Africa requires an increase in science and engineering graduates if we are to effectively resource the country with necessary and scarce skills to achieve goals of the National Development Plan and ensure a successful and sustainable future for our citizens. SANSA offers graduate scholarships to help achieve the national objective for science and engineering graduates..

Funding of solar physics and spatial weather forecasting.

Bursary criteria

The main criteria used for selecting successful candidates are financial needs, academic potential and career-oriented study programs.

Please be advised that:

  • An application will only be considered if it has been completed properly and in full.
  • Documents that accompany the application form must be uploaded and certified.
  • Testimonial form must be completed by the supervisor and uploaded to the application form.

For the 2022 school year, successful candidates will receive a scholarship in the following securities:

  • Hons – R100 000 (one year).
  • Masters – R120 000 per year for two years.
  • PhD – R140 000 per year for three years.

Applications for post graduate degree programs with SANSA 2022

Application Deadline: 30th May 2022

The completed application must be submitted no later than 30 May 2022  if you want to be considered for a bursary for 2022.