Thirty (30) American universities with the simplest intake process – U.S

30 US universities with the easiest admission process – The following universities only require one online application, and you can download transcripts, SOPs and even a management letter online. Their application will save you both time and money.

Thirty American universities with the simplest intake process.

1. Wayne State University

2. University of South Florida

3. University of California, San Diego

4. University of Utah

5. University of Texas, Austin

6. Virginia Tech University

7. University of Pittsburgh

8. New York University

9. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

10. Clemson University

11. Northeastern University

12. University of Kansas at Lawrence

13. University of Illinois Chicago

14. University of Delaware

15. University of Wisconsin, Madison

16. University of Arizona, Tucson

17. Syracuse University

18. SUNY, Birmingham

19. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

20. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

21. Ohio State University

22. Indiana University Bloomington

23. Illinois institute of technology, Chicago (IIT Chicago)

24. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

25. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

26. North Carolina State university

27. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

28. Michigan Technological University

29. Iowa State University

30. University of Minnesota, Duluth

Thirty (30) US universities with the simplest admission process – USA.