Trainee in scaffolding (m/f/d) 2023 Bayreuth

Scaffolders assemble scaffolding from system components or set up special scaffolding on buildings. You must know and be able to set up the different scaffolding systems. Because the requirements for scaffolding are varied. Whether in building construction, in industry or in shoring construction, every scaffolding is tailor-made.

In scaffolding, implementing and complying with the safety regulations is the top priority, regardless of whether it is assembly, disassembly or the finished scaffolding. Therefore, the team has to work carefully and conscientiously.

The training lasts a total of 3 years.

In these 3 years you will spend 77 weeks with us in the company, 39 weeks at the vocational school in Groß-Gerau (Hesse) and the remaining 25 weeks your practical knowledge will be deepened in the inter-company training in Weiterstadt (Hesse). Of course, all costs incurred for vocational school and inter-company training – including travel expenses, accommodation and meals – are covered.

Your tasks

  • Assessing load-bearing bases and establishing load-bearing capacity
  • Construction of length and area-oriented working and protective scaffolding
  • Construction of shoring with substructure including the basic formwork
  • Anchoring scaffolding
  • Construction of working platforms, work platforms and elevators
  • Construction of suspended scaffolding
  • Construction of weather protection halls and enclosures
  • Building scaffolding for special requirements
  • Creation of set-up plans and assembly drawings
  • Simple static calculations
  • Logistics in scaffolding
  • Maintenance and assessment of scaffolding material


Your school grades are important, but not the most important thing! The decisive factor is that we can rely on you, that you enjoy working in our team and that you want to build ingenious scaffolding with us.

What else to bring are:

  • teamwork
  • Physical fitness
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Numerical understanding and spatial imagination
  • No fear  of heights
  • weatherproof

what we offer

  • Excessive training allowance
    • year of apprenticeship you get 970,-€ gross,
    • Apprenticeship year €1,200 gross
    • year of training, gross earnings increase to €1,500
  • There is also a grade bonus
    • For every 1 in the certificate you will receive 100 € from us
  • 30 days vacation per year
  • Holiday allowance: EUR 300.00
  • Christmas bonus: between €210 and €460 – depending on the apprenticeship year
  • If you want to conclude a home savings contract, we will pay you €40 a month.
  • Your health is important to us!
    In addition to a health bonus that you receive from us, we take out company health insurance for you with treatment by the chief physician – so that you always get good help quickly
  • A team awaits you with us, consisting of 15 great people who will be happy to support you in starting your career and to whom you can come at any time if you have any questions or problems
  • We also offer regular training and further education opportunities
  • We will provide you with all work clothes
  • Beverage flat rate for non-alcoholic beverages
  • Fresh fruit daily

Kolbenschlag Scaffolding GmbH & Co. KG – Trainee (m/f/d) 2023 in Bayreuth