HIRING NOW: Training & Learning HR Specialist

Company Description

Bosch was founded in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) and for more than 130 years has been distinguished by a unique corporate culture based on solid values that drive us to improve every day. Our products, present in a wide variety of fields, that contribute to improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Training & Learning HR Specialist: Job Description

Responsible for coordinating training & learning processes, plans, programs, through (DNC *in Spanish) detection of training needs and the identification of the required competencies, considering the corporate guidelines and adhering to the current legal framework.

Key points

1. Identify and analyze the training and development needs based on the evaluation of competencies through our system and other such as individual career development plans.

a) Ensure the quality of DNC processes with associates and team leads.

b) Carry out the DNC process together with Directors/Managers and HRPs (preparation and identification of development needs in current competencies vs. goal)

c) Carry out the training and development plan based on the results obtained and ensure that all leaders have the tools required to attract, develop and retain their staff.

2. Define and implement the strategy for the training and coaching area

a) Align the strategy and global/local policies of the organization to the specific needs elaborating local procedures.

b) Look for training to adjusts needs of the area / Individuals focused on developing the professional skills required by the organization.

c) Identify and develop internal and external suppliers to meet expectations of time, quality and cost required.

d) Accomplish with the training goal and budget of each organizational unit and ensure the Return on Investment (ROI)

e) Distribute policies and procedures through communication boards, publications, intranet, among others.

f) Implement the training and development plans.

3. Manage training plans through IT tools

4. Develop and run tools to assess training effectiveness

a) Ensure the quality of the evaluation processes in the performance review in evaluation form and DNC.

b) Measure the effectiveness and quality of the courses through the application of surveys and effectiveness tools, to meet the standards expected by the organization.

5. Establish guides and guidelines for standardized processes to be followed for the Company.

6. Administration of training KPIs to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

7. Responsible for leading and driving engagement activities and initiatives for the site

a) Support and guide local associate committees

b) Event planning

c) HR communication

Training & Learning HR Specialist: Qualifications

  1. Minimum Level of Studies: Degree in Organizational Psychology, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or related.
  2. Specialty: Desirable in HR or development
  3. Applies theories, concepts, principles, and techniques to handle a wide range of tasks or situations without the help of a supervisor. Able to make judgments within the parameters of defined practices.
  4. Bilingual English/Spanish
  5. HR experience in different areas (Organizational Development, Training and development preferred)
  6. Project Management
  7. Labor Relations and Legal Compliance
  8. Training requirements according to STPS
  9. Basic Knowledge at Artificial Intelligence and HR digitalization.


Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 3090 Col. Vallarte Norte, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Legal Entity: Robert Bosch México, S.A. de C.V.

Job: Full-time

Additional Information

HIRING: Training & Learning HR Specialist
HIRING: Training & Learning HR Specialist

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