Types of Opportunities in Life

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The key to success in life is the skill to distinguish, attract and best use the opportunities that come our way. An opportunity may be defined as: 1) a favourable or advantageous chance or opening. 2) a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success. 3) a situation or condition favourable for the attainment of a goal.
Opportunities: Positive attitude, guidance, internet\platforms, training, new investments. Angel Harris Youth Apprentice at Ennis (company) (2016-present) 5 y Top 5 threats • insecurities • excuses • lack of maturity • privelaged life • bad attitude Top 5 opportunities • being well endowed • embracing what you are born with
Jan 5, 202120 career development opportunities Here are 20 examples of career development opportunities and how they can benefit your professional growth: 1. Networking events Networking events allow professionals within the same industry or other specialty areas to connect and build long-lasting professional relationships.
They are living for themselves, and they took the opportunity to do what makes them excited about life. For the happiness that has given them, I hold her as a great example of how to look upon opportunitiesLife will give you a bunch of them, and how you yourself are responsible for taking the ones that will create a base for our own existence …
2. SEVEN TYPES OF OPPORTUNITY • KNOWLEDGE • TECHNOLOGY • PRODUCT • SERVICE OR EXPERIENCE • LIFESTYLE • PHYSICAL RESOURCE • TRADING AND COMMODITY. 3. KNOWLEDGE • Knowledge opportunities exist where specialist information, know- how or expertise can be applied to create value • Knowledge resources can have major new markets, and …